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Registration fee of $100 due at enrollment and is an annual charge.

    Weekly Charges
  •         Infants (6 weeks to 16 months):  $225/week
  •         Toddlers (16 months to 24 months):  $180/week
  •         Two-year old’s:  $160/week
  •         Three-year old’s:  $145/week
  •         Pre-k full day:  $145/week
  •         Pre-k half day:  $100/week  ($145 summer/winter/spring break)
  •         School Age (summer/winter/spring break):  $135/week
  •         School Age (before and after school):  $80/week
  •         School Age (after school only):  $50/week

There will be no extra charge for pre-k or school age when Madison County Public Schools are closed.

Rates subject to change.