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Did you know MLC is a non-profit?

So, what is a non-profit anyway?

Non-profit organizations are dedicated to furthering a particular social cause or advocating for a shared point of view.  In our case, we are dedicated to providing quality child care and education in a licensed center to the local families of Madison County.

Non-profit organizations fulfill their missions by reinvesting the proceeds earned rather
than distributing the profits to company leadership.  At MLC we reinvest what would otherwise be our profits back into the community.  We do this by keeping our tuition costs low and granting scholarships or tuition assistance to families who are not eligible for state-funded assistance.

Non-profits like MLC are not driven by generating profit, but we must produce enough income to fulfill our mission and remain financially stable. We can raise money in different ways such as income from programs or grants, individual or foundation donations, providing services such as child care, and through fundraising events such as Give Local Piedmont.

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