Meet the Third Grade Team

Rose Lane Third Grade Team 2016-2017

From left to right: Ms. Kaitlin Williams  (Bohlman student teacher), Mrs. Alloway, Ms. Hand, Mrs. Bohlman, Ms. Grapski and Ms. Wulff

Third Grade Teachers

Mrs. Lynn Alloway
I have been teaching in the Madison School District since 1974. I earned my BA and my Master’s Degree in Education from ASU.  My career has included teaching Kinder – 4th grade, being an instructional coach, and a consultant/professional developer for Pearson Education. This is my third year as part of the 3rd grade team. While I officially retired in 2008, my love of students and teaching has brought me back into the classroom.  I am married with two adult daughters and one amazing granddaughter that we love to spend time with. I enjoy spending time reading, cooking with my husband, and quilting in those moments when life slows down a little.

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Classroom F-41

Ms. Laura Grapski

This is my 17th year as a third grade teacher at Madison Rose Lane Elementary. After earning my degree in Sociology from Northern Illinois University, I moved to Arizona to explore the great outdoors.  Education became my passion, and in 1998 I graduated from University of Phoenix with a degree in Elementary Education. When I received my master’s in Counseling/Human Relations in 2005, I was excited to bring my new knowledge into the classroom.

My professional belief is when working with the parents we can achieve the child’s full potential. In my experience, I have seen the greatest results come from active parent and teacher involvement. I look forward to creating a learning environment both in the classroom and at home.
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Classroom E-38

Mrs. Ashley Bohlman-

This is my 12th year teaching third grade at Rose Lane. I graduated from ASU with my BA in Communication and returned to school to ASU’s Teach + ME program to earn my teaching certification. I am currently working on my master's degree in Educational Administration through the University of Phoenix. I will graduate in November of 2017. I live in Cave Creek with my husband, Joe, my nine year old daughter Isabelle, and my seven year old son, Parker. I am a HUGE Denver Broncos football fan! In my spare time, I enjoy swimming, spending time with my family, reading, playing fantasy football, and shuttling my children around to their various activities.

I teach reading and language arts. My favorite thing about teaching third grade is getting to form relationships with the students and seeing the amount of growth that they make. I enjoy this age because students are very enthusiastic about learning and are growing to be more independent. They make me laugh and smile every day. I always feel like our class becomes a little family! We like to make learning highly engaging and hands-on.

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Classroom F-40

Ms. Lora Hand-

This is my 4th year teaching at Madison Rose Lane in third grade. I have a BA in Elementary Education from ASU West. I am currently working on my Educational Administration degree at ASU West and will graduate in Spring of 2017. I was born and raised in Arizona. I love the Diamondbacks and ASU. Go Sun Devils! I love baseball, cooking, crafting and spending time with family and friends.

The thing that excites me most about third grade is learning with my students. While the third grade content is not new for me, it is new to the students. Each student acquires information very differently and therefore, this challenges me to research and learn innovative ways to teach the content to the students.

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Classroom E-37

Ms. Rebecca Wulff

This is my 21st year teaching.  I have taught grades Kindergarten through fourth grade. A majority of the time that I taught has been in 2nd grade.  I have a Masters in Human Relations/Counseling under the College of Education and a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Northern Arizona University and an English Language Learner endorsement from University of Phoenix.  I enjoy reading, competing in triathlons, and teaching clogging.

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Classroom E-36