"Equipped with his five senses, 

         man explores the universe around him 

          and calls the adventure science.”

    ― Edwin Hubble

   Welcome to 5th and 6th grade science!  I am excited to begin the 2017-2018 school year.  I have been a familiar face at Park for many years teaching Language Arts, Social Studies and 5th grade and 6th grade science. 

   I graduated from Arizona State University with Bachelor of  Science  degree in Environmental Resources. For many years, I was employed as a laboratory technician/medical technologist before obtaining my teaching certificate and lastly,  my Masters in Education. 

   The science curriculum is challenging and I emphasize science vocabulary as an important method to mastering the concepts.  Ample classroom time is provided for assignments. However, studying vocabulary at home should be a daily task.  Students will be maintaining a science journal. Please read their notes and comments and encourage your student to discuss the activities with you.   Because we learn together and it sets a good example, add your own responses, comments and questions to their journal.

   Attendance and proper behavior are crucial components to the learning process. It is important that your student is on time (first period) attends school every day. comes prepared and remains during the entire class period (last period).

Please contact me with any concerns or questions. Let's work together to create a successful school year!

Ms. Baca
Room K4