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Welcome 6th Grade Social Studies 2018-2019 Mr. Bates' class Extraordinary Learning for All !!

Madison Meadows Middle School provides

Extraordinary Learning for All through:

    • Positive leadership
    • Rigorous student instruction
    • Intervention for struggling students
    • Data driven decision making

Welcome to Mr. Bates Fifth and Sixth Grade Social Studies Classes

. Our curriculum begins in Ancient Mesopotamia then goes through Ancient Egypt, India, China, Greece, Rome and ends up with the Middle Ages.

Fifth Grade includes the explorers and revolutionary war

Madison Meadows

School Hours 8:30- 3:40

School Phone 602-664-7600

My Phone Number 602-664-7645 Room A11

Email Address

Phone Messages are checked at the end of the day and E-Mail messages are checked at various times throughout the day as time allows

Forms for Current events and Service Learning can be found at the bottom of the last page

Camp Friendly Pines information is on the General information Page (click on the left)

A few of the most vital things you will need for class everyday are:

Pencil and sharpener

Spiral Notebook for daily work

Folder for loose papers

Red Pen

Regular Pen or Pencils for taking notes

Dry Erase Marker

Your Planner

We use our planner as a planner and not just for writing down HW. Students in my classes are expected to write down the daily assignment and dates for future assignments. I encourage all parents to look at the planner each day and initial the bottom of the planner. We all have busy lives and much happening everyday and the use of the planner to remind us of what we have done, and what needs to be done, is a great tool provided to us from our wonderful PTM!!

The most important pieces of all are to get to class everyday with a smile and good attitude.

There are many interesting things to learn about Ancient History for Sixth Grade and US History for the fifth grade

My Educational Background

Graduated with a BS in Elementary Education from Northern Arizona University 1983

I have taught grades 4-8 in all subject areas over the past 32 years. This is my Eighth year in the Madison District and at Meadows

In addition to the IB website there are two documents at the bottom of the classwork page.

Academic Assessment and Academic Honesy

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