Special Education at Rose Lane

Being an extraordinary district, Madison School District has been identified as a "Top Performing" school district for special education students, recognized for closing the achievement gap for our students.  Along with being identified as a top performing school district in Arizona, we have also been awarded a federal grant, Results Driven Accountability, which will focus on professional development at Rose Lane and Camelview to address differentiated instruction and small group instruction in reading.  The goal of the grant is to build capacity and strengthen our instructional practices for special education students and at-risk students in the area of literacy.  Madison has also been selected to participate in STAR training and mentoring or our students with Autism at Rose Lane and the Developmental Preschool.

The special education classes offered at Rose Lane are in the areas of Learning Disabilities, Emotional Disabilities, Autism, and Developmental Disabilities. Rose Lane provides students throughout the district with a continuum of special education services, which include self-contained classrooms, mainstreaming and total inclusion. Each child is met at his or her ability level and the special education services are developed around the needs of the student to further growth areas identified by both the parent and the school.


The model of delivery is on a continuum.  This includes self-contained classrooms, which is where the student spends the majority of the day in a special education classroom, inclusion, which is working alongside classroom teachers in the classroom, and small group pullout, which is used to meet the individual needs of our students.  The focus is to modify the district reading, writing and math curriculum to ensure successful learning for each student. Providing a positive, motivating environment for the students is our goal.

Rose Lane Mission Statement

Create an environment where the focus is:  students, staff, community - learning for all

Madison School District Mission Statement

Extraordinary Learning for All!

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