Welcome to Physical Education - my name is Karen Bergstrom or Coach B

Physical Education is an important and essential part of educating the total child. We not only educate the body, but also the brain. Through movement many connections can be made within the brain. These connections emphasize and/or teach many cognitive concepts. Remember the phrase,"I learn by doing", sometimes putting something to movement or in movement the child has a clearer understanding of what is being taught. My job as a physical educator is to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom as well as give the children the tools and knowledge to become life long physical activity participants. I would like to welcome you to my web page


by Kalli Dakos

I live for gym

I breath for gym

I watch the clock and race to gym

I'm free in gym to run and play to try new games and shout "Hooray!"

It's in the gym I feel so good

I'd live there if I only could

Have gym the whole day through why then I'd always dash to school

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