Marquette Elementary

A to Z Animals: 6/19-6/23

Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh my! Aardvarks and Zebras too! Enjoy a menagerie of fun as you explore the animal kingdom one letter at a time. Maybe even get to see a few on your trip to the Zoo!

Days of the Dinosaurs: 6/19-6/23

Rock out during this fun fossil filled week! Learn about dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures that roamed the earth millions of years ago. Dig up new ideas as you craft, play games and even visit the UW Geology museum to see some real fossils!

Rocket Building: 6/19-6/23 

Explore the science of aerodynamics and force through building and flying your own rockets.  Start with small UFOs such as flying saucers and pyramids.  Beat the heat experimenting with water rockets.  Then move on to design and build larger rockets out of cardboard, foam core and other materials.  Learn how to do a pre-flight test for stability then launch your creations with rocket engines.

A Bug's Life: 6/26-6/30

Welcome to a bug’s life! Learn about insects, arachnids and other tiny beings. Explore and observe the natural habitats of beetles, butterflies and spiders. Experiment with creating your own bugs and then build a maze-filled bug house for your creature. Creepy, crawly fun abounds this week.

Geometropolis : 6/26-6/30

Imagine your own city and what you will include then build a 3D cityscape from paper.  Use geometry skills to work through several stages of construction on your way to a completed cityscape. 

Towers, Ramps and Machines: 6/26-6/30

Build towers, bridges, race tracks and more.  Explore the basics of motion, force and the fundamentals of physics and engineering with exciting projects and activities.  Campers catapult, propel, construct and experiment their way to an understanding of these sciences.  

Wacky Water Week: 7/5-7/7

Get ready to dive right in and have fun with water this summer! Stay cool with H2O themed activities designed to engage and teach. Learn about the unique properties of water through games, experiments, crafts and more!

Wonderful Wisconsin: 7/5-7/7

Welcome to a week all about Wisconsin! This state is about more than just cheese heads and cows. Explore the land you live in through games, crafts, guest speakers, field trips and more!

Theater Workshop: 7/10-7/14

Learn the basics of theater and acting as you work with fellow campers to rehease and perform a short play.  Create props, costumes and sets for the final performance on Friday.

Forest Frolics: 7/10-7/14

Learn from the land and develop a sense of wonder for nature and trees. Learn about trees, forests and other habitats as you form bonds with nature. Explore the Owen Conservancy and take a field trip to the School Forest to explore natural areas further afield.

Fantastic Foods and Where to Find Them: 7/17-7/21

Join us on our quest to find the best and most delicious foods around. Learn all about where ingredients come from and how to cook them into magically mouthwatering dishes all without a kitchen!

Art Around the World: 7/17-7/21

Gain a global appreciation for art this summer!  Travel the world experiencing various cultures and the art they inspire. Create a new project each day to fill your passport portfolio and satisfy your artistic wanderlust.

Mad Scientists: 7/24-7/28

Camp transforms into a laboratory as campers experiment with scientific principles based in physics, chemistry and more.  Grab your lab coat and get ready to explore the chemistry of candy, concoct mixtures and propel everyday objects.

Butterflies and Blooms: 7/24-7/28

From seed to flowers and caterpillars to butterflies, learn about nature's most beautiful metamorphosis! Visit Olbrich Gardens Blooming Butterflies exhibit during this week filled with crafts, games and experiments sure to transform your summer.

Mixed Media Art: 7/31-8/4

Mixing in Art is about so much more than mixing paint! Learn about common materials and how each media within the piece works and interacts with the others. Experiment with all sorts of materials making projects such as collages, print making, sculptures and painting! The possibilities are endless!

Magical Music: 7/31-8/4

A pinch of pitch, a tad of tone and bit of beat combine together to make a spellbinding song. Learn how to take these elements, combine them together and  music that is truly magical. No cauldron or wand needed!

Cheer and Dance: 8/7-8/11

Learn cheers and chants, tumbling and stunts. Cheerleading develops teamwork and leadership in every camper. It doesn’t stop there! Explore different styles of dance including ballet, jazz and hip hop. Then broaden your horizons to explore different movements like contemporary and styles from around the world. Show off what you've learned for family and friends at the end of the week.

Outer Space: 8/7-8/11

Get ready to have a BLAST learning about the solar system and beyond. Science projects, crafts and games make this camp an out of this world experience.


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