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 SLC/Student Last Name Counselor Location     Phone
 Ash (A-G) Lisa Lehman Room 2003 204-4132
 Ash (H-Z) Lucerne Rice  Room 2003 204-4130
 Highland (A-N) Sara Neuenschwander 
(Department Co-Chair)
  Room 2003 204-3194
 Highland (O-Z) Cynthia Nordmeyer  Room 2003 204-4135
 Regent (A-Gd) Allison Salinger  Room 2003 204-4129
 Regent (Ge-Z) Karen Coombs  Room 2003 204-4134
 Van Hise (A-N) Rebecca Bebber-Wells  Room 2003 204-3194
 Van Hise (O-Z) Allison Salinger
(Department Co-Chair)
  Room 2003
 ELL Counselor Marilsa Hansen  Room 2003                    
 AVID 9-11 Counselor Lisa Lehman  Room 2003 204-4132
 Counseling Secretary/Registrar Cindy Wiesner  Room 2003 204-3073
 Educational Assistant Jen Fine  Room 2003 204-3064


For more information on FAFSA help,please see your counselor in the Counseling Office.

Mindfulness for Teens 

This course is designed to help high school age teens see their lives with greater clarity, creativity, kindness and compassion. It is intended for those who are interested in learning Mindfulness meditation and are willing to explore and practice it. Please note this is not a therapy group. Using Mindfulness techniques, teens will practice being aware of their body, emotions and thoughts with a friendly, accepting attention that supports wise responses in daily living.  

Click here for more information on the mindfulness class

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