La Follette PE and Health Education

                      Why is it important to have PE and Health?

"Exercise is like Miracle-Gro for your brain!" (John Ratey- Harvard Medical Professor)

Learning about your body and how to become "physically literate" is an essential lifetime skill. Exercise is important for students and everyone. Consistent exercise not only produces physical benefits such as lowered blood pressure, stronger muscles, increased mobility, decreased obesity and others, but it also can improve brain function.

Exercise can improve fitness................ and higher fitness scores among students have been linked in many studies to higher test scores

Exercise has also been linked to lowering depression, helping attention, treating addiction, lowering stress, increasing self esteem, and of course, having fun!

In PE and Health classes students can :

  learn more about their bodies                       learn lifetime skills through sports and activities

  learn how to exercise consistently                    build social skills cooperatively and competitively

  learn how to improve in the 5 components of fitness    prepare their brains for further learning 


Physical Education Theory of Action:

The Physical Education department utilizes unit resource study guides and worksheets to “connect” unit activities with materials tested.  This  connection allows teachers to assess the level of understanding students have accomplished to “cement” an understanding of each unit of instruction. The department also incorporates on line research and presentations to promote thinking, reading and writing competency. In addition, a 30 minute per class session of moderate to intense aerobic activity combined with challenging motor skill movement will also promote healthy brain activity to nurture further learning.



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