Welcome to the Glendale LMC Website

Use this site learn about the Glendale LMC and how to use the online catalog. 
Your Library Media Technology Specialist (LMTS), Mrs. Engle, is happy to help you with any questions you may have. 
Call or email her at 608-204-2411 nengle@madison.k12.wi.us
We are Top Tigers at Glendale!

Ways to be a Top Tiger 
in the LMC:
Be Safe by walking and pushing your chair in when you get up from
                         a table.
Be Respectful by cleaning up after yourself and listening to
                                                others so you can learn. 
Be Responsible by using a shelf marker, checking out your
                                                    materials to borrow and returning your                                                            materials on time.
Be Kind by helping others in the LMC and sharing with others your                                 love of reading!