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Monday September 21st: Back to School Night 6:30pm
Thursday October 8th: Parent/Teacher Conferences 4:30-8:30pm

Here is a brief overview of English 1:
In this year-long course, students build on their learning from grade 8 as they develop their skills and understandings from the Common Core State Standards grades 9-10 band. Reading, discussing, and writing in response to high-quality, high-interest literary and informational texts develop students’ ability to synthesize ideas within and across texts, analyze the choices authors make, use knowledge of language and its conventions, acquire and use vocabulary words, and foster the joy of reading. Using collaborative discussions and activities enables students to understand the importance of considering various perspectives. Students use the writing process and technology to create and publish narrative, informative/explanatory, and argument texts.

Our focus question for the year is: What responsibilities do we have in regard to social justice, and how can literature promote social change?

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Short Story Unit

We will read and discuss various short stories, including "Raymond’s Run," "The Lady or the Tiger," "The Jacket," and "The Lottery." This unit will be accompanied by various close-reading tasks and a reading test. Students will also get the chance to write their own narrative expressing who they are.


Night by Elie Wiesel

Students will read about an historical account of the Holocaust and write a letter to the author about their impressions of the book.

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

During this unit students will write a theme essay and will also create a Public Service Announcement about a teenage issue related to the themes we study in Romeo and Juliet.



Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Students will critically read this novella and consider social implications. Students will also research a current social event and compose an argumentative letter expressing their opinions.

Choice Novel Unit

Students will choose one novel to read independently. Titles for this unit include Monster, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Buried Onions, I Will Save You, Wait for Me, and Bomb.




30% Participation

Homework, evidence of thinking in group work, during-class assignments

70% Knowledge and Skills (Tests, quizzes, writing assignments, presentations)

Reading (25%)

Writing (25%)

Language (10%)

Speaking (10%)

A  90 – 100%            D  60 – 69%

B  80 – 89%              F     < 59%

C  70 – 79%