Sick of trying to hunt down a pair of headphones?
Now you can have your own.  Available in different patterns.

10 Badger Bucks

Don't be without a water bottle again!  
Get your own here.

8 Badger Bucks

Build the Great Barrier Reef in your own home (thanks to this awesome donation by Ms. Germaine). 

30 Badger Bucks
(Only one available)

Wear your keys in style with the Badger Rock Middle School Lanyard. Available in Green. 

7 Badger Bucks

For that not-so-fresh feeling.  
Available in scents for boys and girls. 

5 Badger Bucks

Studies show that chewing gum while learning
can improve your brain power. Chew responsibly!
Available in mint and fruit flavors.

2 Badger Bucks per piece

Everyone needs some Chapstick now and then.
Available in Cherry or Original.

5 Badger Bucks 

Keep your water intake up with your own Badger Rock plastic cup. Available in Green. 

10 Badger Bucks

A more sophisticated lip moisturizer. 
EOS balm.  Available in different flavors. 

7 Badger Bucks

Don't even lie.  You know you love them.

15 Badger Bucks each
(While Supplies Last!)

Impress your teachers and be prepared for class. 

Mechanical Pencils            2 Badger Bucks (each)

Wooden Pencils                 1 Badger Buck (each)

Pens  (black or blue ink)     2 Badger Bucks (each)

Lost your hair tie?  Here's a new one.

2 Badger Bucks (for 1 hair tie)

Write notes to your friends with the 
Badger Rock Notepad.

10 Badger Bucks

Feeling dry during winter?  We now have travel size lotion!  
Unscented for boys AND girls. 

5 Badger Bucks