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2020-2021 MCHS Virtual Class Information

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If your child is going to attend MCHS from home this year, please contact their counselor. The counselor will send you an email with information and a contract that details what is expected of the student and family. Once you acknowledge that you agree to Select's expectations, the counselors will begin the process of switching the schedule to at-home classes.

If you are seriously considering the switch to at-home learning, please read the following information and watch the videos below.

The Select Academy was started four years ago to improve the learning experience and outcomes for students who wanted more than a traditional classroom could offer. Having an established program that has been continuously improved over the last four years makes MCHS uniquely positioned to provide quality out-of-school learning to students who need to stay home during the pandemic. However, our program was developed for students that were attending school, and we have always worked with students that we saw in our classroom on a daily basis. We are excited that we can offer you a safe alternative to face-to-face classes, but we also ask for your patience as we adapt our program to incorporate at-home learners. Open communication and bringing problems (and solutions) to our attention quickly will be an important part of making this year successful!

Our philosophy is centered around students being responsible for their own learning, being "explorers" of the world of knowledge around them.  The teachers act as "guides" to point them in the right direction and help them when they get stuck.  We encourage students to try on their own first and learn from their mistakes. We hold students to a firm standard of proficiency. Most of all, we try to fit the learning experience to the needs of the student instead of fitting the student to the needs of the classroom. We give students the freedom to explore topics they are interested in, work at the pace that meets their needs, and use talents they enjoy to help them complete their courses.

The following videos will hopefully give you a better idea of how Select works and what will be expected from our virtual students and parents. 

MyLC 101: Checking classes, submitting assignments, and monitoring progress

Vital Information: The Select Website and Google Classroom

If you have questions, you can email jkempton@madison.k12.in.us. If you would like us to call you, just include your phone number and the best time to reach you in the email.