I welcome all of our Madison families to an exciting and successful school year.
I have been with Madison Academy since it began in the 2004-2005 school year.  I have served as principal, vice-principal and this year as dean of students.  During those years Madison has grown from a K-5 school of 112 students to a K-12 school of over 600 students.  Last year it became an NCA accredited school.
Education has been my area of work since 1969.  For the first eight years I taught tenth and eleventh grade English in Indiana.  For the next twenty-seven years I served as the administrator of a K-12 Christian school.  When that school closed in May of 2004, I began working for Madison, which began its first year in the same buildings.  That makes this my forty-third year in the educational field.  It also is to be my last year before I retire in the summer of 2012.
I completed my undergraduate work at Indiana State University and received my BS in August of that year.  In 1974 I added my MS degree at the same institution.  For both degrees my field of study was secondary education with a major in English and a minor in speech. 
During the time of my career I have come to realize that for all families, their children represent their greatest treasure.  Therefore, when families honor us by putting their greatest treasure in our hands, I want to be sure that is well founded.  Thus everything we do from planning, to preparation, to implementation must be done for the benefit of the students.  This means it may not always be convenient for the staff or the parents, but it is for the right thing for the student's success.
I also realize we are not in this alone.  Any successful school has three things that must work together if success is to happen, the staff, the parents and the students.  There will be challenges and some frustration, but together we can make Madison Academy the best charter school in Michigan. 
That goal is the target of our new principal, Brigitte Jackson.  With her sense of vision and her steadfast leadership, I see Madison going on a steady climb to greatness in the educational field.  It won't happen overnight, but it will begin. 
You will be thrilled you made Madison the choice for your child.
Kenneth W. Maurey