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4. Professional History

2011-Present - Senior Developer, Bridgepoint Education
Design and development of online learning platform

2008-2010 - Independent Consultant
A.  Created a complete consumer-facing site based on .NET/Ajax technologies providing rate quotes and purchasing of vehicle extended service warranties. Also completed portals for partners and administrator functions. The professional objective of these activities was to refresh my expertise in current technologies and broaden my appeal to potential employers.
B. Upon the death of the company's sole development resource, I stepped in on an emergency basis to ensure business continuity, and to provide advice to company management on the state of the application code upon which its business processes run.  Tasks included day-to-day bugfixing, site babysitting, analysis of overall systems, analysis of functional components, feasibility study of various enhancements.  The system had been built over many years and spanned many generations of technology, with lots of rubber bands and glue holding things together.
2006-2007 Vice President, Corporate Development, Altiris Corp. (Nasdaq:ATRS, acquired by Symantec)
  Responsible for M&A activities, corporate strategy development, advising product development and marketing on strategy and priorities • Successfully negotiated the Company’s most significant agreement (> $100M annually) with Dell Corp., leading ultimately to the acquisition of the Company by Symantec • Share price doubled in 9 months • Co-lead acquisition integration team • Evaluated numerous acquisition opportunities • Reported to CEO, presented to the Board of Directors on several occasions
2005 Independent Consultant
  Creation of a sales channel in China for a US-based software company, and advising the company on business practices and product requirements. Resulted in dramatic decrease in piracy and dramatic sales growth in China. • Advising a biophotonics diagnostic company on business model and technology, resulting in 5-10x increase in projected revenue
2003-2004 Area Vice President, Product Management, Peregrine Systems
  Turn-around activity involving the creation of a best-practices based product management organization in a company exiting Ch.11 bankruptcy and SEC investigations • Transformed a highly divided product development organization into a cohesive team focused on market-centered product development, de-fused numerous organizational conflicts • Re-worked product roadmap, stopped development/support on unprofitable products, reversed decision to shut-down development of a key product line, introduced user-centered product design • Actively engaged customers in pre and post sales settings, presenting product strategy and roadmap and leading technical/architecture discussions • Oversaw business development activities setting priorities, guiding negotiations with partners, making key decisions on deal points, championing positions • Led key initiatives to develop decision support tools for product management/marketing from a poor quality database of sales data • Managed product team in France, utilizing French language skills • Responsible for product lines generating approximately US$200M in revenues
1999-2003 Principal, a venture capital management firm
  Made investment decisions for funds under management • Led due diligence on potential investment targets in the US, Canada, Taiwan, and China • Assisted US companies in finding manufacturing partners in Taiwan leading to dramatic cost savings • Assisted Taiwanese companies with US partnering (sales channel-related) activities • Served on the board of directors of numerous portfolio companies • Performed quarterly reporting to limited partners • Learned conversational Mandarin Chinese; lived in Taiwan for one year, many visits to China
1988-1999 Microsoft Corporation
  Led numerous product teams in the definition, design, and development of key products • Frequently called on by upper management to lead turn-around or start-up activities • Led the design team that created the Windows user interface • Led the design team that created the first Media Center design for Windows • Led the initiative on home networking years ahead of the market, including partnering and investments • Led efforts with countless partners, OEMs on market, product, and technology initiatives • Led Microsoft’s earliest efforts in distributed systems • Key leader/member of numerous design teams related to core architecture of Windows NT/XP, networking, and security • Interfaced frequently with key members of the executive team on product strategy
1998-1999 Senior Director, New Business and Technology, Windows Division
1997-1998 Senior Director, Program Management, Windows NT Group
1995-1997 Senior Director, Interactive TV, Advanced Consumer Technologies Division
1992-1995 Director, Windows NT Program Management, Advanced User Interface Group
1991-1992 Director, Windows NT Program Management, Advanced Systems Group
1990-1992 Group Program Manager, Windows Networking Group
1988-1990 Program Manager, Network Business Unit
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