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Camp Chris Williams Employment

Summer Youth Programs:  Deadline for 2010 Camp Chris Williams, May 1, 2010

ALL 5 forms/documents will need to be completed prior to employment at Camp Chris Williams

1.  Summer Youth Program Employee Application

2.  Summer Youth Program Employee Agreements/Release

3.  Summer Youth Program Required YMCA Physical Form

4.  Summer Youth Program Counselor Manual

5.  W-9

6.  Staff Evaluations

* Applicants residing out of the state of Michigan will need to attain a criminal background check from their local police department - all Michigan applicants will be subjected to criminal background checks prior to attaining employment at Camp Chris Williams.

*To have applications or forms mailed to you please call Dave Coyne at 517-487-0066 Ext: 16 or email

Summer Youth Employment Applications will be accepted until the deadlines posted below:

Camp Chris Williams: deadline for applications: 5/1/2010

Please Note:  All application requirements need to be met before these dates.  Communication with the program coordinator is essential to determine if you are eligible to bypass any requirements.  Incomplete or late applications will be disqualified.

Position Descriptions for Camp Chris Williams (CCW)


Responsible for aiding program staff during activities. Responsible for being an active part of all camp activities i.e. campfire, song practice, camp Olympics, talent show, hikes, free time activities, etc. Responsible for knowing the location of assigned campers 24 hours a day. Responsible for promoting a positive healthy environment for the campers at Camp Chris Williams and practicing personal leadership skills

Summer Youth Program Interpreters:

Camp Chris Williams' Interpreters

To work as an interpreter at the summer youth program: you must have current state QA or National certification: Interpreter Application

ASL/Oral interpreters are responsible for facilitating communication during the week’s activities. Required to attend Staff Orientation. National or Michigan QA certification preferred.

Counselors-In-Training (CIT)

CITs assist counselors throughout the week. Designed for high school students and early college students, 16-20 years of age, with prior Camp Chris experience OR those with no prior counselor experience. Applicants for the CIT position are required to provide a one-page essay on “What Responsibility Means to Me" along with the application. CITs do not attend the Staff Orientation.

Activity Coordinators/Floaters

(Varies year to year)
Activity coordinators are responsible in planning and running at least one camp activity, preferably two or more. Examples: Arts & Crafts, Drama, Nature Activities, Recreational Activities, and Substance Abuse Education. Applicants for Activity Coordinators MUST provide an outline or plan of the activity(ies) you would like to coordinate along with your application. In addition, you will need to float to cover other program activities and or cabin groups at the Camp Director’s discretion. Required to attend Staff Orientation.


Floaters are responsible for filling in and assisting with various program activities and or cabin groups.