MUSD GMail Resources

Here are resources to support your transition to GMail and the Google Suite

Videos, tips/tricks.  Still More to come....

       How to Videos: Choose topic--


Top 10 Reason to Use Gmail (Includes Tutorials)

Quick Tips (Gmail)

Calendar (book meetings)

Drive (sharing files online!!)

Tips & Tricks:

Using Labs (to customize your layout)

Enable Pop Up Notification for new email (Google Chrome Only)

Becoming a Gmail Ninja (Learning tips and tricks to save time, increase your     productivity, and manage your email efficiently.)

Gmail Delegation: Admin Assistants


                Basics: Sending and replying to emails

                Create your signature, labels, and filters

                Google Notifications

Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts- 



Our district is committed to providing support for integrating technology into our classrooms and departments.  Atomic Learning is a key partner in our dedication to providing the highest quality technology training resources available.Click the Atomic Learning Logo for GMail Tutorial Videos!

A Day in the LIFE.........
Today I learned that when I delete an email from one area, it can be removed forever from all areas: HMMMMMM-no wonder I can't find that email.  Lesson Learned-don't delete unless you want it gone forever: GOT IT!

Today I learned that there are lags in my mail loading.  I wait, breath, wait some more, and WALA: mail appears favorite statement in GMail: Woohoo! You've read all the messages in your inbox.It only lasts for 1 minute. Then another 10 emails load......