Francesca Harrison  

Francesca is a watercolour artist who paints and sells locally as well as undertaking commissions from abroad and running workshops in this medium. 

She is the illustrator and author of eleven children's books.

She is at the forefront of planning and running K.A.G. events, and she singlehandedly runs the monthly market.

As an event organiser outside of K.A.G., she has designed several weddings and other celebrations.

She is also an experienced interior designer, having worked in both Europe and the United States.

Phil Harrison

Phil has been a professional musician and songwriter all his life. He enjoyed commercial success as a member of the 'Korgis', but has several other strings to his musical bow. In Crete he runs two choirs, as well as having a frequent and highly varied concert program, working with classical players, rock bands and musicians from Greece, among others.

He is responsible for arranging the visits of other artists, with most of whom he performs. He also programs the K.A.G. concerts and festivals.

His second career was linguistics, and he holds a doctorate in this subject 
from University College London