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Our regular scheduled talks series lasted for seven years (!) but came to a natural end, as things do. This doesn't mean we are not happy to arrange a one-off talk if any of you have subjects you would like to introduce. As you can see, post 2016, we have done just that, and found an eager audience. It takes a great deal of time and hard work to get a good talk together so thanks to all of you who have contributed.


Series One

6 March
Phil Harrison Voice IDs, Forensic Phonetics and John Lennon

13 March
Sara Gilding Damien Hirst and the Contemporary Art Market

20 March
Yiorgos Hadjidakis Ottoman Empire, Greek Revolution, Today’s Problems

27 March
John Mansell A History of the Banjo

Series Two

24 April
Valerie & Clive Whittington From Andes to Amazon

1 May
Pamela Dunn Wine and Crete: a Journey for the Senses

8 May
Phil Harrison Born Talkers: why nobody learns their own language

22 May
Mike Vredegoor & Charles Cooper Does Money Have A Future?


Series Three

13 January
Roger Gilding The Bauhaus and its influence

20 January
Yiorgos Hadjidhakis The Last Great Eastern

27 January
Phil Harrison Music, Language, Noise... what we hear

3 February
Pamela Dunn A wander through the world of wine

Series Four

28 April
Trish Scott Art, Politics and Expression

5 May
Mike Newton What did the late Victorians and Edwardians ever do for us? Well... pretty much everything! (Part One)

12 May
Janelle Tresidder Conspiracy Theories

19 May
Cora Greenhill Art between the Worlds: the unique artistic world of ancient Crete.

Series Five

3 November
Sara Gilding Where are the Great Women Artists in the Annals of Art History?

17 November
Mike Newton What did the late Victorians and Edwardians ever do for us? Well... pretty much everything! (Part Two)

24 November
Charles Cooper & Mike Vredegoor Credit Crunch 2: the Return of the Drachma

1 December
Fred Reynolds Spike Milligan: the man, his humour and his pursuing demons

8 December
Pete Morton The Greatest Book Ever Written: who wrote it and who has read it?


Series Six

23 February
Chris Beeching Champagne Charlie, the first Victorian Music Hall Superstar: the hunt for his true story

9 March
Sally Heard Pattern as a Language

16 March
Brian Pound The Blues

23 March
Yiorgos Hadjidhakis  The Greek Musics

30 March
Nigel Fathers The life & work of Roger McGough

6 April
Phil Harrison The White Goddess: ancient beliefs and the human mind

13 April
Tony Farnell The life and works of Alan Ayckbourn

Series Seven

20 September
Charles Cooper & Mike Vredegoor The Economic Crisis: the Eye of the Storm

2 November
Nikos Stavroulakis Ottoman Cuisine

9 November
Chris Beeching My Life in the Theatre: part one

16 November
Yiorgos Chartoftakis Europeans and the new Greek tax rules

23 November
Yiorgis Hadjidhakis The Colonels: Seven Years in a Plaster Cast

30 November
Pete Morton Take a risk - Have we forgotten how to do so and survive?


Series Eight

29 February
Nikos Stavroulakis 16th century Ottoman Art, Cuisine and the Harem

7 March
Alan Thomas A Social History -the origins of a football club and its support

14 March
Yiorgos Hadjidhakis The roots of Rembetiko

21 March
Tony Lane Touching the Tonga

28 March
Phil Harrison How to speak Proper English

4 April
Chris Beeching My Life in the Theatre: part two

11 April
Mike Bennett
The Titanic

26 July
Michael Vredegoor and Charles Cooper
Collapse of the Euro and A Third Dip?

Series Nine

7 November
Charles Cooper  The Debt Crisis: What went wrong and what will become of us?

14 November
Pamela Dunn Festive Wine

21 November
Phil Harrison The Lost Consonants of Atlanta: why my language is better than yours

28 November
Pete Morton Islam: the origins and development of the religion that both inspires and creates fear across the planet

5 December
Marcelas Guyler A Few Things You Might Want to Think about Before You Die….

12 December
Valerie & Clive Whittington Travels in Indochina Part One: Cambodia & Laos

19 December
Glyn Jones & Douglas Foote No Official Umbrella


Series Ten

23 January
Valerie & Clive Whittington Travels in Indochina Part Two: Vietnam

30 January
Yiorgos Hadjidhakis Vamos in the Last 100 Years

6 February
Jonathan Bartley A Whisper in the Dream

13 February
Phil Harrison  Voice IDs, Forensic Phonetics and John Lennon (repeat)

20 February
Glyn Jones He’s Only an Actor

Series Eleven

6 November
Yiorgos Hadjidhakis The Heyday of Rembetiko: music & social history

13 November
Pamela Dunn Sittin’ on Top of the World (almost!)

20 November
Pete Morton Bank Holidays and Virgins

27 November
Tony Bartholomew A Love Affair with Khaki pt. I

4 December
Michael Vredegoor and Charles Cooper  Merkel wins! Is this the end of the Euro crisis? Or even the financial crisis?

11 December
Sara Gilding On Photography 1


Series Twelve

22 January
Phil Harrison The visual depiction of sex and the human psyche

29 January
Tony Bartholomew A Love Affair with Khaki pt. II

5 February
Jonathan Bartley A Whisper in the Dream pt. II

12 February
Michel Calliyannis  Impressionism

19 February
Yiorgos Hadjidhakis Cretan society & culture: q&a

26 February
Tony Bartholomew A Love Affair with Khaki pt. III

5 March
Gerry Dutton  A History of Printing

Series Thirteen

5 November
Sabine Schumacher Feng Shui

12 November
Gerry Dutton Jane Austen: Her life

19 November
Philip Lambert A funny thing happened to me on the way to the vestry

26 November
Pete Morton Mary Magdalene: Truth stranger than fiction?

3 December
Tony Bartholomew A Love Affair with Khaki pt. IV

10 December
Stavros Hadzidimitriou & Charles Cooper A tale of two vines: sauvignon blanc & syrah

17 December
Yiorgos Hadjidhakis  Panigiria: Social role and modern breaches


Series Fourteen

4 February
Sara Gilding  On Photography 2: The Life and Work of Brazilian Photographer Sebastiao Selgado

11 February
Sean Damer Ill Met By Moonlight

18 February
Jo Taylor Who is Elizabeth Patrick?

25 February
Tony Bartholomew A Love Affair with Khaki pt. V

4 March
Phil Harrison What is music?

11 March
Philip Lambert “Weep if you must, parting is hell, but life goes on, so sing as well.”

18 March
Charles Cooper & Michael Vredegoor  Will the end of June be the end of the Euro for Greece?

Series Fifteen

21 October
Charles Cooper Horatio Nelson: Untold histories

4 November
Pete Morton A traveller’s tales

18 November
Yiorgos Hadjidhakis 17/11/73: The rise of the students

2 December
Philip Lambert & Tony Lane Wine no women and song- two gentlemen from Apokoronos go to Mount Athos.


13 January
Gerry Dutton “From the Big Bang to Black Holes” or “The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything”

20 January
Philip Lambert Velasquez, Picasso, and an icon or two:  power, progress and reality in the images

27 January
Sara Gilding The MGS trip to Morocco March 2015

Occasional Talks


17 October
Tony Lane A Life of Extremes - Africa - England - Crete


18 June
Paul Lyle Game of Stones - a tale of two islands


11 January
Pete Morton Time Travelling in China and Tibet

15 February
Tony Taylor A World Without Politicians: reimagining ‘Athenian’ democracy in the 21st century

16 June
Paul Lyle Route 66; the Geology and the Music