W e l c o m e... to Kalamitsi Arts Group

 the organisation and promotion of creative events in western Crete

Kalamitsi Arts Group is organised by Francesca and Phil Harrison

They gratefully acknowledge the enormous help they receive from friends who are more than generous with their time and energy and without whom K.A.G. events would not be possible.
We are once again unable to arrange any events at this confusing time. We have been sending daily posts to 'Friends of K.A.G.' nearly every day since lockdown started on November 7. Here's some videos from the first (spring 2020) lockdown...

Desperate Tiny Housewives Episode 6

Weird Lovely People

Desperate Tiny Housewives Episode 5

Jasmine Arch

Over the Rainbow

Desperate Tiny Housewives Episode 4

The Real World

Desperate Tiny Houses Episode 3

Lean On Me

Desperate Tiny Housewives Episode 2

Number 23

Desperate Tiny Housewives Episode 1

Snow On The Mountain (made in 2009: sound kicks in at 9" seconds).

Way To Feel


The Sun Is Down

        On  a regular basis, K.A.G. presents

Annual Festivals
Concerts • Exhibitions & Open Studios 
Workshops • Film Nights  • Talks  • Poetry Readings
 World Cuisine evenings  • Arts and Crafts Fairs

There is a general outline of all these events on the 'Activities' page

It's more than fun, it's fundamental...