"Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet."

— Henry Mintzberg


"Defining, Communicating and Managing 
the Project Specifics with all Team Members 
thru the Complete Project Lifespan"

Plan - Organize - Delegate - Coordinate - Monitor

Provide a variety of delivery systems for design and construction

Serve as an extension of client's existing staff

Single point of management throughout the entire design and construction process

Developing the scope of work for various project participants

Assisting with selection of design, engineering, testing and inspection professionals

Maximizing front-end planning to expedite the construction process

Managing planning, design and construction

Manage the activities associated with the assigned project

Establishing and managing budget and schedule

Providing value engineering input and cost analysis

Preparing bid packages and managing the bid process

Establishing and maintaining quality control standards

Providing periodic reports reviewing the status of each project

Review and Verify Project Specifications and Vendor/Subcontractor Qualifications

Supply Chain Management and ensure that all contractual terms and obligations are maintained

Ensures projects maintaining cost requirements and proper accounting for project change orders

Interface with suppliers and contractors to determine the scheduling of work and materials

Meets with customers and vendors to identify potential barriers with resolutions that maximize production and minimize costs
Visits job site as needed and required
Prepares reports for Clients
Meets with key personnel to ensure timeliness of project

Meets and confers with Owner, Architect, Engineers, Contractors, Detailers, and Plant and Field crews to verify accuracy and completeness of all construction drawings

Reviews plans and proposals and determines proper procedures in order to accomplish Project goals
Ensure all aspects of projects are properly and thoroughly documented to ensure Shareholder's interests are protected