Be Magnetic

Be Magnetic

The "Be Magnetic System" is about building an extraordinary life, deeper relationships with people and simplicity. It’s about becoming a creator, a giver, a doer. It's about telling a story with your life that you'd want to read and share.

When I put out the 7 Magnets, I distilled these ideals into something I called “Magnets 7.0”. These 7 Magnets exploded online, they were downloaded, shared and passed around thousands of times in a matter of weeks. People were printing them out, posting them on walls and sharing them with friends without even knowing their origins.

I also realized, after sharing the 7.0 Magnets that they were bigger than understanding oneself. They were about life. Living a Good Life. People who embrace them create legendary stories, have more fun, cultivate higher-levels of freedom, leave richer legacies and, straight up, live better lives. And that's what this project is about. Opening a vein to the possibility of living differently in the world.

We are now working on a South African education and support community for young individuals in select communities to develop a purpose and a direction in their lives using crucial steps in the 7 Magnets system. Our Pilot program, launched in June 2013 generated great connections with people in certain communities.

Over the coming months, we'll be hosting a selection of new experiences in partnership with other relevant parties. If what happened with our first program is any indication, demand for positions will be very high.

Bastian M

I am on a mission to help young individuals in certain communities to build better solutions and lives in less time, with more joy and less effort.

·                Diepsloot (Johannesburg- Gauteng)

·                Olievenhout (Johannesburg- Gauteng)

·                Motherwell (Port Elizabeth- Eastern Cape)

And I am going to do it in a rather unusual way—from the mindset out.

I have also written on the crossroads of simplicity and  life pressure in the 7 Magnets system. I also explore a life well-lived with aspiring shakers on the Be Magnetic Project. I am hopelessly addicted to the process of creation; it feeds me.

Scheduled youth sessions

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