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Diasporic Profile

The Global Moldovan Population

Moldova, with a population of only 4,324,450, has had to deal with the huge impact of emigration. Almost a quarter of the population have emigrated to Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and other parts of the world. Moldovans started to emigrate after the country proclaimed its independence, due to ethnic tensions and political instability. However, emigration did not peak until the late 1990s, following a severe global economic crisis. Thus, by 2005, emigration tripled and labor migration became a dominant form of migration. A large majority emigrates to Russia and Ukraine because of cultural similarity and ease of assimilation.

Top six host countries as of 2007

 Migrants Hosted
 Russia 279,909
 Ukraine 218,830
 Romania 40,000
 United States
 Germany 16,430

Moldovans and Minnesota

The immigration of Moldovans to Minnestoa is largely tied to the greater migratory patters of people that were displaced as a result of the post-Soviet restructuring. Russians, Moldovans, Bosnians, Croatians, and others from the former Yugoslavia have emigrated to Minnesota due to ethnic conflicts, political and economic instability in the early 1990s.  The Russian population in Minnesota has grown to over 12,500 and over 2000 Bosnians alone have immigrated into Minnesota. Between September 1998 to October 2008, the Minnesota Department of Human Services reported 526 new Moldovan refugees in MN (Minnesota Department of Human Services, 2009). According to the data provided by the Department of Human Services on persons from Moldova obtaining legal permanent resident, a greater number of Moldovans are dispersed elsewhere within the United States.