Refugee & Immigrant Populations in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

This website was developed by Macalester College students enrolled in two Anthropology courses related to refugee and immigrant issues (Refugees and Humanitarian Response and Culture and Globalization.) In support of the College’s commitment to  civic engagement, these students engaged in a form of public scholarship to serve the larger community by creating this website as an entry point into understanding immigrant and refugee populations residing in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. In addition, they wanted to provide a centralized location for links to community resources.

This site will continue to be developed over time, as subsequent student cohorts profile new immigrant groups and update the information already included on this site.

One thing to keep in mind when using this site is that it, like any attempt to document a population, is at best a snapshot of a point in time. In our study of immigrant and refugee populations, we strive to open a pathway to further research and networks of knowledge. We would like to emphasize that culture is neither static nor universal across a given group. We offer this as a gateway for further inquiry.

If you have questions about this site, please contact Dianna Shandy, Professor of Anthropology, Macalester College.

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