Our Initiatives

We have a few projects that we have initiated this year. Our development initiatives focus on one or two issue areas (poverty reduction, education, human rights, sustainability, etc.). However, since no single issue is perfectly exclusive from another, we ensure that our initiatives address issues in a holistic manner. Below are the current initiatives that we have as of 2/2010:

  • We are working on getting more opportunities for students in terms of study abroad and research on microfinance. We are thinking about ways to bring together students from other schools who are like-minded, and are passionate about development and microfinance initiatives.
TECAfrica (Technology Empowering Children/Communities in Africa):
  • This is a project that aims to distribute laptops to rural schools in Zimbabwe as well as research possible implications of the program.
International Development Speaker Series:
  • Bring speakers to Macalester campus from both academic and non profit world in order to engage our students in development issues.
MDG Productions:
  • A project that brings in documentaries and shows about international development to Macalester campus. Our partner, WE International, is assisting us in bringing an art show from New York to Macalester about human trafficking . We are also partnering with the director of the movie, "Off World" in order to organize tour of the movie in the United States.