Vincent Siegerink

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Date: 11/8/2010
Name: Vincent Siegerink

Class: 2014

How long have you been a part of MDG?
I'm a fresh member of MDG so just over half a term.

What initiatives are you working with?
I'm currently working on the Microfinance Convention in 2011 that we are planning to organize, and I'm more specifically hoping to be able to bring in our Princess, Maxima, since she is a major figure on the world microfinance stage. Also I am contemplating on applying for a Projects for Peace grant in 2011, doing a development project either in Swaziland or in Ethiopia.

What brought you here and what do you hope to accomplish at MDG?
MDG had already won my soul even before I came to Macalester. I think development is kind of like a puzzle that we are trying to solve; we are looking for which are the best means and tools to increase global quality of life. What is better than solving a puzzle while doing something good? At MDG I want to further explore the challenges of Development in a theoretical sense as well as undertake projects in a more practical sense, and optimally, combining the two.

What's your favorite genre of music?
It varies but artists and bands I really enjoy are the Cranberries, the Editors and Snow Patrol.

What historical figure do you think would further the cause of development the most if he were still alive? 
Someone who I really respect is Steve Biko. He protested against Apartheid and was then killed by the authorities. Such leaders are continuously needed to work on creating a unified country.

What's your favorite sports team and why are they amazing?
FC TWENTE! Haha. This is a Dutch soccer club. They in fact are amazing because they won the national league for the first time last year and they remain the first team this season so far!