iLab is a joint Augsburg/Macalester Research & Teaching Eye-Tracking Lab Funded by the NSF.


The calendar shows when the iLab is available for use.  In order to reserve a time, use your Macalester Gmail Account and add an event to the calendar. Please include the name of the study as well as your name in the title. Also, please give yourself plenty of time in reserving space so that you will not be interrupted by someone else trying to use the lab.  In addition, please may sure anytime you are going to be in the lab that you have reserved the space.  If you do not have access to the calendar from your Macalester Gmail and need to reserve time, please email ilab@macalester.edu in order to receive access.


The log keeps a record of the activity and research done in the iLab.  Please fill out the log each time you work in the lab by adding your name, date, time, and a brief description of the work you accomplished.  We are hoping to acquire additional funding from the National Science Foundation in the future, and it is important to document the research we are conducing with the current grant.


The toolbox allows you to access important documents associated with the lab such as an instructional power point and checklist with directions on how to use the tracker.  These links can also be accessed via the sidebar.