Geology Links

Listed here are some excellent geology and paleontology resources, blogs, and other sites of interest:

Paleobiology Database:  The PBDB is a major global resource for researchers and the public, as it hosts information about the entire fossil record, as well as online statistical analysis tools.

Paleo-Sed Picture of the Day: "A searchable paleontological and sedimentological image archive, updated daily" (by Shanan Peters, UW-Madison)

The Paleontology Portal:  Paleoportal features geologic maps, fossil images and information, and other education resources

The Whirlpool of Life:  "...A blog about nature. It’s about how the living world works and how we perceive it. It is also much concerned with deep time and our relationships with the 99% of “earthlings” that are now extinct." (by Scott Sampson, paleontologist)

The Loom:  The Loom is science blog that explores topics surrounding evolution and more. (by Carl Zimmer, Discover Magazine)

Clastic Detritus:  Blog postings include field photos, geological musings, and links to other current geology blogs.  (by Brian Romans, WIRED Science)

Laelaps:  An acclaimed science blog exploring topics in paleontology, evolutionary biology, and the philosophy of science.  (by Brian Switek, WIRED Science Blogs)

Science... sort of:  "Science… sort of is a podcast about things that are science, things that are sort of science, and things that wish they were science." (hosted by the Paleopals)