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Specialty/Collector Insurance, Collector Plates, Vehicle Appraisal
To work with the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation to create a Collector Car License plate, Vehicle Appraisal program and designated Specialty/Collector Insurance.

Environmental Issues
To work with Provincial and Local governments on issues related to environmental legislation that may adversely impact the automotive hobby.

Vehicle Legislation
To work with Provincial and Local governments on legislation that may adversely impact the automotive hobby.

Salvage Vehicle Storage
To work with Provincial and Local governments to ensure Antique and Specialty Vehicle owners are not adversely affected by the enactment of local bylaws such as storage, repair and use.

Youth Programs
Setup and maintain a policy for high school students in trades programs to be involved in the Antique and Specialty vehicle hobby.

Event Insurance
Establish and coordinate a Group Insurance policy to be available to Associate Clubs for club event insurance.

Public Relations
Promote MAAC and Associate clubs and their philosophy of responsible vehicle operation, safety and enjoyment of the Antique and Specialty Vehicle hobby. Highlighting the assistance provided to local community charities. Manage and develop community awareness by representing MAAC to the community, government, student groups and corporate sponsors.

General Inquiries: info@maac.cc 

Media Relations: media@maac.cc

Jim Penziwol
Vice Chairman
Craig Winters 
Safety / Legislation
Gary Glowa

Treasurer / Membership
Bernard Harfield
Ray Olson
Social Media
Gerald Huhtala

Event Guide
Youth Programs
Wade Weber
Collector Car Appreciation Day
Bob Chubala

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On July 12th, 2013 the Manitoba Government and MPI announced the new Collector Car license plate legislation  (link will take you to the government news release) and special insurance rates to be available in 2014. Visit the MPI COLLECTOR VEHICLE PROGRAM page or email collectorplates@maac.cc for more info.

From left to right:
Gerald Huhtala, Jim Penziwol, Bob Chubala, Minister Andrew Swan, Gary Glowa
Thanks for the photo-op cars (from left to right):
Ray, Wally, Piston Ring, Dave, Gerald

Vehicle Inspections: Information on the roadside vehicle inspections by the Winnipeg Police and MPI.

Emissions Testing: Provincial Governments continue to consider mandatory emission testing as a licensing requirement for all vehicles.

Clunker Laws: Corporate sponsored crushing programs used to trade off industrial pollution credits will reduce the availability of original restoration cars and parts.

Municipal By-Laws: Municipalities have the power to severely restrict how vehicles are stored and where the owners can store them.

Vehicle Licensing: Current licensing fees and programs do not adequately reflect the needs of specialty vehicles.

Compulsory Safety Inspections: Provincial Governments mandatory safety inspections are problematic for specialty vehicles.

Specialty Insurance: Existing insurance programs do not necessarily account for the specialty vehicles accurately nor are they tailored to the use of specialty vehicles correctly.


In the summer of 2010, Winnipeg Police Services, aided by the MPI Mobile Inspection Crew, were working overtime (literally) to keep our roads safe. Especially Sunday afternoon through evening. This resulted in many a rumour about what is required of the equipment we need on our rides. Until the two manuals are combined - which is underway by MPI - there are two different sets of regulations some vehicles must comply with.

The first, the regular inspection criteria, is called the VEHICLE INSPECTION HANDBOOK and is what the Inspection crews (of licensed Mechanics) use to determine the safety of any vehicle that is of concern to us. Keep in mind that Taxis, Tow Truck, Ambulances, Road Equipment, and others have their own inspection standards manual.

The second, the SPECIALTY VEHICLE REQUIREMENTS, pertains to vehicles that are modified or constructed from various parts, or, totally from 'scratch'. These regulations were born out of meetings in the early 70's between representatives like the Manitoba Street Rod Association and the Department of Motor vehicles Drivers Licensing and Registrations Dept. and in this day and age, look their age. MAAC will be concentrating their efforts to get these regulations re-written in an up-to-date fashion.

*** Note: the SPECIALTY VEHICLE REQUIREMENTS manual is currently being updated by MPI and MAAC is part of the review process.