• Established in 1968

  • 12 classes and 321 students

  • 27 faculty and staff members

  • Principal: Chu-Fen, Chang, PhD.

    • Address: No. 96, Sec. 3, Chungshan W.Rd, Sinwu, Taoyuan, Taiwan
    • Tel: 886-3-4862507
    • Fax: 886-3-4863294
    • Website: www.yajh.tyc.edu.tw



  • Harmony: Enjoy the campus life

  • Energy: Engage in the learning actively

  • Intelligence: Learn right things effectively

  • Creativity: Accomplish the task with new ideas



  • We are a small school located in the culturally-disadvantaged remote district of Taoyuan County.

Yuan-An Junior High School is in the east side of a small fishing port in Taoyuan County, Taiwan. It has been established for forty years. On campus, there are 327 students, who are not good at schoolwork, but are with good behaviors and characters. We have 27 teachers with great educational and professional enthusiasm. Students’ parents mostly engaged in fisheries and industries. The proportion of disadvantaged families reaches as high as 22%. Therefore, the responsibility of upbringing nearly depends on school education.

  • Like a small but beautiful diamond, we are a quality school.

Although our school sits at the culturally-disadvantaged region, we make effort to strive for funds and resources for improving the teaching equipment, especially in repairing and fulfilling the library, and facilitating the teaching with diverse and creative ways. We also put great emphasis on providing practical skills for students. In addition, we strengthen students’ self-confidence and cultivate the attitude of cooperating with others with extensive activities in student clubs and competitions.

We have outstanding achievements in running our school. In teaching aspect, we won first place in Science Fair as well as Excellent Teacher Teaching Awards. We also promote reading education for its remarkable and fruitful results. For the campus environment, we are honored for the superior certification of Sustained Campus. In physical education, our girl-student swimming team repeatedly breaks the national records, winning lots of gold medals. In music education, our dulcimer club also won first place in Taiwan.

  • Hakka culture

Because 98% of my school students hail Hakka families, our school activities are often linked to Hakka culture. For example, we celebrated our 40th  anniversary with Hakka customs last year. We let students learn how to make Hakka mochi, or we say “Ci-Ba,” and Hakka-style salty dumplings. These delicacies are best associated with festivities in a Hakka community. We think such activities can symbolize the unity and peace in Hakka life and culture, and that will help my students to develop self identity.

  • Winning Excellent Teacher Teaching Awards

This year, Yung-An Junior High School won the first prize of Excellent Teacher Teaching Awards in Taiwan. The theme of this program is to express more concern for the disadvantaged students by designing systematic curriculum merging art class. And the goal is to strengthen the students’ art capacity. Furthermore, it does good to students’ self-confidence and positive self-concept.

And in this program, we focus our mind on three aspects. First of all, art-integrating curriculum—it grants students to present what they’ve learnt through art in each learning field. And second, student empowerment—each student is encouraged to learn what he’s interested in and makes himself master of it. Last but not the least, teacher empowerment—any one in each teaching field takes art courses to develop his second specialty, aside from his professional expertise. Chinese teachers are in on this program, and so are English, Science, Math, Social studies, PE teachers.

By this program, however, we found the students who had reading phobia are willing to read, to write, and even to make up a script and to prepare well for it. They also spent their leisure time illustrating what they perceived from social studies. Though, there’s a shortage of teaching staff, every teacher is out to improve his art capacity and benefit the students. Not only each teacher but each student profited from this program, so this program will be on and on in Yuan-An.