TMT 18 Initiative: Clusters

New opportunities for 2018

Developed links in Los Angeles

TMT18 Strategic Master Plan being compiled by 

Cluster Program Evaluation by CADET

Work study by Callum Murphy: University of Liverpool 2018 previous work study by Alexandra Murphy: Nottingham Trent University 2015.

Stakeholder Partners;

Following Stakeholder Partners have been provided access to Strategic Master Plan under NDA. 

James Murphy, MD, TCL, Facilitator / Project Manager

Geoffrey Piper, Cultural Ambassador, NWBLT

Paul Chappels, Senior Property Manager, Peel Holdings

Stephen Burrows, Chairman, Brabners (Also legal representation for TCL Group)

Case Study 2000: TCL (Consultancy / Brokerage)
download - Norweb Telecom (3G Licence) & BT & 360networks (Hibernia Networks)

Case Study 2010: TCL (Brokerage) on behalf of Client Tender
2 Preferred Suppliers for multi £Billion 25 year contract in England (NDA)