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LyteWorx Automation Systems - Government Support Overview

Founded in 2007, LyteWorx Automation Systems LLC (LyteWorx) is a for-profit small business with strong past performance in support of government missions. LyteWorx’s commitment to our mission and values has driven successful software building and modification projects, resulting in long-term business relationships. Our success is built on two pillars: a sustained focus on the need for immediate information in an operational decision-making environment, and key in-depth technical knowledge of military information systems and how they are integrated. Our client base is 100% reference-able due to our ability to provide measurable results in the context of open and honest partnership with our clients and contract teammates. Our participation in multiple contracting vehicles provides convenient and cost effective options for our clients. LyteWorx developed its depth and breadth over years of support we’ve provided to the US Air Force via subcontract with SAIC and to other federal agencies via subcontract with Zeta Associates, Inc. This depth and breadth encompasses a long-term partnership with these organizations and includes the design, deployment, training, maintenance, and modernization of many computing systems in the federal government today. Specific LyteWorx capabilities are enumerated below by SeaPort-e Functional Area (FA).  

Research and Development Support, FA 1 

By remaining focused on the unique needs of live operators, LyteWorx delivers appropriately user-responsive software with a minimal learning curve for new users.  First, LyteWorx leaders at all levels have a clear, deep, and current understanding of live collaboration requirements for warfighters and crisis responders.  This understanding stems from LyteWorx team members' actual military experience and a strong background in using operator feedback to enhance operational capabilities.  Second, LyteWorx engineers have a clear, deep, and constantly maturing understanding of the capabilities, advantages and limitations of modern software tools & techniques.  This understanding prevails due to the informed and proactive problem-solving enthusiasm of LyteWorx's world-class software engineers and system architects.  Third, LyteWorx uses and constantly improves a rapid prototyping competence to tailor and apply hardware and software technologies to key operational requirements.  It is not uncommon for proof-of-concept LyteWorx prototypes to be pressed into operational service without significant re-work.  

Engineering, System Engineering, and Process Engineering Support, FA 2 

LyteWorx uses multiple engineering technologies and techniques to develop flexible solutions that simplify execution of user missions. We incorporate reliable engineering methodologies and COTS to optimize software system development and maintenance. Our use of adaptable engineering components ensures that we will never compromise client needs. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers that are trained in our methodology and engineering technologies.  

Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support, FA 6

LyteWorx fulfills government user requirements using an accelerated software development lifecycle methodology that is aligned with Agile and SEI's CMMI processes and provides a state-of-the-art rapid prototyping, test and evaluations and trial support, and performance reporting environment using internally developed extensions to best of breed components. The methodology has been used successfully at clients and internally and has been shown to deliver cost efficiencies of over 20% in overall lifecycle costs. Any and all artifacts generated as part of the methodology are 100% non-proprietary and standards-based.  

Interoperability, Test and Evaluation, Trials Support, FA 14 

LyteWorx supplies technical consultation, software architecture engineering, application development, regression testing, operational assessments, documentation and project management to install applications on government servers, maintain secure data sharing, and to add application features and integrations. Our strategy and technology consultants offer substantial expertise in service-oriented architecture (SOA)—and in how these capabilities are applied in advanced trials for systems engineering and integration solutions. These solutions focus on helping government organizations achieve mission success in traditional and non-traditional programs such as information sharing, net-centric enterprises, and system-of-systems enterprise solutions. By combining our capabilities with cutting-edge solutions such as SOA, business analytics, open source and cloud computing, LyteWorx is achieving successful technology transformations for our clients. 

LyteWorx SeaPort-e IDIQ MAC 


Applicable SeaPort-e Geographic Zone:  Zone 2 - National Capital Zone

Current Task Order copies (with Statement of Work if releasable):

Proposed team members and their expertise areas:
  • None as of latest page update.  

Team members listed on SeaPort-e Contractor Information Registration site:
  • None as of latest page update.  

Customer POCs for past performance references: 
  • US Air Force support on AMCOM Express, Prime BPA# W31P4Q-05-A-0031 (SAIC)
  • PCO:  Brenda Showalter,, 256-876-7321

LyteWorx Quality Assurance Program description: 
  • Upon the issuance of a task order under this contract, and once the Business and Technical Requirements Baseline, the WBS, the Schedule and Cost Baselines are created, we will establish a QC Plan in collaboration with the Seaport-e Program Manager that will include a set of Acceptable Quality Levels (AQLs) for specific parameters that will depend on the nature of the task assigned. The QC Plan will include a schedule for testing the AQLs. This QC Plan and the AQLs contained within will then become the basis for managing the quality process. LyteWorx QC processes are aligned with SEI CMMI standards, and focused on ensuring that the work products are delivered as per defined requirements, schedule, cost, standards and documented configurations. 

LyteWorx POC for doing business via SeaPort-e:
  • Aaron Kinser, Business Operations Manager
  • phone: 202-770-5382
  • email:

Aaron Kinser,
Aug 10, 2016, 5:28 PM
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Apr 2, 2017, 6:21 AM