Where is the line between online actions and offline effects?

Here are a few links to New Zealand Herald Online articles about an incident that happened recently.

Your tasks:

  1. Read the articles
  2. Think about the issues involved:
    1. How 'bad' do you think that the rude gesture was?
    2. What impact did this event have on:
      1. The young man who was assaulted
      2. The students who assaulted him
      3. The sister of the victim
      4. The young brother of the victim
      5. The commuters using the trains
      6. People living nearby
    3. How did that one post turn in to a brawl? 
    4. Who's really to blame?
    5. What could Communities do to stop these things from happening?
    6. How serious is this really?
    7. What effect does filming the brawl and putting it online have?
    8. Should filming and sharing a crime like assault, be a criminal offence?
    9. What would you have done as a bystander?
  3. Discuss these issues (and any other that come up) in a small group of your classmates (3-5 in a group)
  4. Now individually fill out this form:  (Don't forget to submit)
  5. Also read the comments below.
    1. Who do you agree with?
    2. Did anyone suggest solutions?
  6. Got some ideas? Opinions? musings? A bit angry or indignant? Great! Comment below.
    1. This step is not optional. It's part of the task. Go!
    2. REMEMBER: The comment box is not anonymous, so be appropriate!
  7. Once you've left at least one comment go to the next page in this website.