Sol Lewitt Inspired Math/Art Project - Spring 2015

Each seventh grade student created an original geometric design on a piece of 12x12 inch paper, following the requirements below. Once this step was completed, they composed a list of detailed instructions on how to recreate the artwork, passing those instructions along to another student. This student then used the instructions to duplicate the original on a 12x12 inch tile of plywood. The pieces have been compiled into one collective work and are now hanging upstairs in the new wing.

Minimum Requirements: one quadrilateral, one set of parallel lines, one set of intersecting lines, one triangle, one full circle or 1/2 circle or 1/4 circle, maximum of 8 elements

Additional Requirements: the color turquoise needs to appear somewhere in the piece, the piece is separated into thirds on each side

Tape Murals - Spring 2016

Last spring, the seventh grade geometry unit culminated with an integrated art and math project, inspired by the street artist Aakash Nihalani (

The students were given the task of creating a tape mural, by first brainstorming ideas for the space they would be working within. They worked with Mrs. Girdwood in art class, creating 3-dimensional shapes working with isometric graph paper. They then moved to their “canvas” to begin the process of outlining their designs with string and then finished by taping their final work of art.

As visitors descend through the different levels, they experience an amazing cityscape that moves from skyline to street level and even below to the subway station.

Minimum requirements for the assignment:

3-dimensional figure sketch on isometric graph paper, rough draft that included angle and length measurements of all polygons, work with scale

Above and Beyond: As was characteristic of the class, the students found ways to make the project their own and bring life to what could have easily been an empty city; flying papers, a cat lounging in the sun, potted flower and even a hot air balloon rising above the blue metropolis.