Mrs. Damren

Greetings from Mrs. Damren (Mrs. D)!   Welcome to the Lyme School's physical and health education web page.  Here you will find periodic updates as to what is happening in each grade for each area of curriculum.  Both the physical and health education curriculums are based on national standards, which are adhered to through various areas of study and assessments. Physical fitness and general well being remain at the forefront of both programs. Complete copies of each curriculum are available at the Lyme School.  Please see me to access one.

Physical Education:

The physical education curriculum focuses on motor and manipulative skill acquisition and progresses through each grade at a developmentally appropriate level.  The three domains of learning, pyschomotor (skill), cognitive(critical thinking), and affective (social/emotional) are the main focus of the curriculum, with lessons incorporating all three domains. Presently, students at the Lyme School receive the required NH state mandate of two 40 (50 for middle level) minutes of PE a week, with the exception of kindergarten, who meets once a week.

Health Education:

The health education curriculum is based on the concept of overall wellness, with an emphasis on the aspects of physical, emotional, spiritual, occupational, and social/relational health.  Students gain knowledge of the human body, body systems, nutrition, physical fitness, healthy relationships, personal care, and the wonders of the human brain.

 I feel fortunate that each day, I have the opportunity to engage children and watch them grow, learn, and mature. Taking time to enjoy life and embrace new opportunities is a gift.  Feel free to stop by, come to observe, or to have fun.   Guests are always welcome!

All the best,
Lisa Damren

Here's what happening in PE and Health at the Lyme School:

Health Education Information