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Shadow Puppet Edu

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There are two versions of Shadow Puppet, the standard version and the Edu version. Make sure you get the Edu version, which includes a safe search feature to prevent users from accessing inappropriate content.

This app is available for iPhone and iPad only. It is extremely easy to use; students in second grade can use it without difficulty. With some adult assistance, even kindergarteners and first graders can create an excellent product. However, its in-app search features and the level of customization it allows make it a valuable tool even for high school seniors who want to produce videos incorporating photos and/or video with or without narration and music.

One especially nice feature of this app is that it allows you to search a number of copyright-friendly image and video sources from inside the app and then cites them automatically at the end of the video when it is exported.

Shadow Puppet Edu allows you to:
  • Combine photos and video clips
  • Record voice over narration
  • Add text titles 
  • Draw on screen 
  • Edu image search and web image search
  • Map and satellite map search 
  • Easily share videos with parents and students
  • HD video export 
  • Upload to Google Drive, Dropbox, Youtube or export via email

How to create a video with Shadow Puppet Edu

  • Take any photos or videos that students will be creating and save them to your iPad
  • Open the app and create a new puppet (their word for project)
  • Add photos and videos from your iPad or via the in-app search
  • Order the media to your satisfaction
  • Click Next
  • Add text and/or music
  • Click Start to begin narration
  • Add voiceover and any drawings (can be done in one step or by pausing after each slide)
  • When finished, click Save
  • Rename
  • Upload to YouTube, email link, or click More to open in Edmodo, Dropbox, or Google Drive
Download the Quick Start Guide