What is a book trailer?

A book trailer is a video advertisement for a book; it promotes a book just as a movie trailer promotes a movie. Students of all ages can create them. Book trailers offer many benefits:

  • It forces students to think critically about their book. They need to determine the main ideas and critical plot points, decide what is most important to include in the trailer to encourage viewers to read the book, and figure out a "hook" to include at the end.
  • Students will work on several  of the Common Core State Standards, including those that require students to use digital tools to produce and publish writing, make strategic use of digital media to express information, and adapt speech to a variety of contexts and communicative tasks.
  • Book trailers are a natural way to integrate technology.
  • Students who watch the trailers will be encouraged to read for pleasure.
  • They foster student creativity: the writing and editing process are creative in themselves, but students can further customize their trailers by the inclusion of music (even self-composed), original artwork and photography.
  • Students enjoy creating and sharing them with an authentic audience.

Other kinds of trailers

Students can use the video creation techniques and resources housed on this site to make trailers or short videos to share information about historical events, describe science experiments, explain how to solve geometry or physics problems, compare artists or musical styles, etc.