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Google drawings are a great way to create content to share with students, but why stop there? Have students create content for you! The great thing about Google drawings is that they are stored in your Google drive, so once you have made one, you can share it, update it, and upload it wherever you want; any changes you make later will automatically update.

Intro to Google Docs Drawing (Video length - 4:01)

Here are some ideas for ways to use Google drawings in the classroom (mostly via Diane Main)
  • Insert an image of a blackline master (there are literally thousands available free online) and mark it up or have students mark it up
  • Mark up screen shots to show students how to complete a process online
  • Create Venn diagrams and other mind maps/graphic organizer. If you use these often, consider making some templates.
  • Make comic strips by inserting photos and adding speech bubbles. Students of all ages love to show what they know with comics. Comics can also be a great way for you to introduce a lesson topic.
  • Help ELL or foreign language students learn vocabulary or prepositions by asking them to rearrange labeled furniture on a floor plan according to specific verbal or written directions.
  • Use Google drawing for virtual manipulatives (via Alice Keeler)
  • Have students make backgrounds for Google slide presentations
  • Create geometry drawings
  • Visual vocabulary: Have students create a picture or symbol that helps them remember/understand the meaning of vocabulary words and insert it into a spreadsheet along with the definition of the word and perhaps an example sentence.
  • Make a family tree
  • Make character wheels to show personality traits for characters in books
  • Design classroom or project posters
  • Make word webs (via Teachers Using Tech)
  • Create seating charts
  • Make timelines that include images and dates
  • Use for KWL charts