Welcome to the 8th grade and 2016-17 school year!  

New to LVUSD? CLICK HERE for help setting up Google Apps. 

This year my classroom guidelines, WARP information, technology contract, and parent/student signature confirmation are 100% digital. Please see the PARENTS tab above to download, read, review, and discuss all the information.  Afterwards, please collaborate with your child to complete and submit the Class Documents Confirmation [Google Form].  Thank you for helping us save paper! 

Grades will be posted online using Aeries.  Parents, please send me an email if you have questions or concerns.  pmcdonnell@lvusd.org

Homework, classwork, directions, notes, and important links will be posted in Google Classroom. Students must bring fully charged Acers and personal earbuds/headphones DAILY. During the first week of school, students will join GC and complete a few practice activities. 

Students must check their LVUSD student Gmail account DAILY and use it to contact teachers. Remember, the email address ends with @student.lvusd.org

Students, please keep all graded work in a file cabinet, drawer, or other safe place at home.  See me right away if you have questions about posted grades. 

Check WARP points, progress, and history online using Accelerated Reader Enterprise.  Please visit the Parents' Page [Click HERE] for further information about setting up your parent account. AR Book Finder and Renaissance Home Connect are the two areas of focus for parents and students alike.  

To view student WARP record on Renaissance Home Connect: username = 5+5+2+2  FirstName+LastName+ID+BirthYear [last 2# of ID+last 2# of birth year]
(ex. abrahlinco7609 for Abraham Lincoln)
password = your student ID number! 

Supply List 2016:
  • 8 1/2 x 11 college ruled loose-leaf paper
  • sturdy two-pocket folder ONLY for ELA class
  • ONE composition book ~ college ruled preferred *NO spirals*
  • blue or black pens 
  • red or green pens
  • pencil & sturdy eraser  [used for scantron exams]
  • 2 [different colorshighlighters
  • gallon ziploc [to use as book cover]
  • 1 box of facial tissues [which everyone appreciates!]