Students creating a yarn web
Mrs. Loeb's class creating their own web
LVUSD CyberSmart Week: February 2-6, 2015
Each day during CyberSmart Week, teachers should plan to spend 10-15 minutes delivering information to students on the topic for that day. All the information you need is supplied in these pages (resource links to the left). Once CyberSmart Week is over, we encourage you to continue using this site as a resource. We will keep adding to it when we find useful tools and information.

If you would like to learn more, visit LVUSD's Teacher Guide to Cyber Safety in the Classroom.

Online Resources/Digital Passport

Kids love online games, and there are several excellent resources that help them learn about digital safety and cybercitizenship. This year, we are encouraging all teachers in grades 3-5 to use Digital Passport with their students. You can start doing it during CyberSmart week and continue working on it through the rest of the year. To assist you, we have preloaded all students into the system, using the same login information as for Renaissance Star. 

If you teach students in grades K-2, or if you would like an online activity in addition to Digital Passport, we recommend that you select one of the activities listed in the Online Resources page. Again, you can start doing during CyberSmart week and continue throughout the rest of the year. If you need any assistance, please reach out to the media specialist at the site or one of the district media specialists.

Daily Discussion Topics

Grades K-3

Monday: How To Use the Internet Safely
Tuesday: Don’t Talk to Strangers on the Internet
Wednesday: Good Cybercitizenship
Thursday: Be Responsible for Good Computer Manners
Friday: Check for Understanding

Grades 4-5

Monday: Online Safety
Tuesday: Identity Privacy and Social Networks
Wednesday: Piracy, Copyrights and Plagiarism
Thursday: Acceptable Use and Cyberbullying
Friday: Check for Understanding

A Note about the Videos on this Site

Most of the videos we suggest for Cyber Smart week are YouTube videos. If you click on the square icon on the bottom right corner of the video, you can watch it in full screen mode. Click Escape on your keyboard to exit full screen mode.