Welcome to the AHS CSF web page!

CSF (California Scholarship Federation) is an academic honor society.  The CSF standing rules state that "membership is neither automatic nor compulsory" and
that "the student must apply for membership during an enrollment period established by the advisor." Your advisor: Mr.Teitell, C5, teitell@lvusd.org.
Applications will be accepted from sophomores, juniors, and seniors for Spring 2020 on February 10 - 14.

Please download the application from this web site (below).  Choose last semester's classes from the Class Lists (below) that you will use to qualify for this semester
and fill out the application .

Please bring completed application, transcript, and receipt ($5 donation) to C5 during support February 10 - 14 .   Late applications will not be accepted.

The $5 donation can be paid on the Agoura webstore anytime or in person at the AAC February 10 - 14.

Spring Application

Class List


Official CSF Website
Things to Know

Students may apply for CSF beginning Spring semester of sophomore year.

Freshmen applications and applications from Sophomores in the Fall will not be accepted since they do not contribute towards Gold Seal status.

Membership granted for a certain semester is based on the previous semester grades.

Summer school courses may not be used.

"A student must have taken a minimum of 3 courses from Lists I and II; at least 2 of the 3 courses must be from List I" Article IV, Section 7

Gold Seal Bearer Membership requires 4 semesters of membership, starting with membership based on sophomore grades (Spring Semester of 10th grade). 

One semester of membership must be from grades during senior year.  

You may stop by during support  to view your membership records or send Mr. Teitell an email requesting the information, teitell@lvusd.org.


Gold Seal Bearer

An Agoura High School Gold Seal Bearer receives a CSF Gold Seal on his/her diploma, a certificate, an honor cord with medallion, the honor indicated in the

Graduation Program, and a free lunch in June to pick up accolades.

To qualify as a Gold Seal Bearer you must have been a member of CSF for four or more semesters beginning with sophomore spring

semester membership, and one or more of these semesters of membership must occur during 12th grade.