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Week 20: Juanuary 22-25, 2019

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Monday: MLK Holiday

Tuesday: "Las Estaciones" poster. Practice with direct object pronouns at http://conjuguemos.com/home/docs/nologin/spanish_fillin_grammar_47.html and https://www.spanishdict.com/quizzes/15/direct-object-pronouns-in-spanish . Play sentence strip game.  Then, teach new vocabulary chapter 4.2 (entertainment and eating out).

Week 19: January 14-18, 2019

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Monday: Conjuguemos.com with present tense verbs or with e-ie stem change verbs.  Conversation with preferir, querer, costar, pensar and clothing. Conversation with "tener" phrases. Quiz on Wednesday on e-ie stem change and tener phrases.  Teach direct object pronouns students. URB worksheet practice.  First year student conversation practice with er/ir verbs for quiz on Wednesday with native Speakers. Grammar 2A for homework.

Tuesday: Quiz tomorrow on e-ie stem change verbs, and er/ir present tense verb conjugations. Continue work on direct object pronouns with URB worksheet.  See also https://studyspanish.com/grammar/test/dopro1 and https://personal.colby.edu/~bknelson/SLC/DO1.html . Homework grammar 2a and 2b.

Wednesday: Quiz on stem change verbs/ or er/ir present tense verbs. After quiz, review URB worksheet and practice at See also https://studyspanish.com/grammar/test/dopro1 and https://personal.colby.edu/~bknelson/SLC/DO1.html .Practice with sentence strips.  HOmework Grammar 2A and 2B.

Thursday: Bell Ringer with http://conjuguemos.com/home/docs/nologin/spanish_fillin_grammar_47.html and https://www.spanishdict.com/quizzes/15/direct-object-pronouns-in-spanish. Review homework/take quiz on er/ir. Practice with direct object pronouns pages 205-207 (textbook) Homework grammar 2A and 2B.

Friday:  Cinquain poem page  209.  (Seasons/colors)  Due for Tuesday and worth 12 pts in projects/compositions category (creativity, vocabulary, grammar, spelling).

Week 18: January 7-11, 2019

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Monday: Start ch. 4.1.  Introduce new vocabulary on clothing, colors, seasons.  (p.194-195). 200 Euros to spend at H & M Espana - https://www2.hm.com/es_es/index.html Create classroom vocabulary list with item and price. Ask comparative questions: Que cuesta mas?  and Que cuesta tanto como ...? Classwork URB worksheet page 2-3. Vocabulary A and B as homework.  (First year student er/ir verb conjugations - teach, URB worsheet, and practice at https://beta.conjuguemos.com/verb/homework/133#dashboard )

Tuesday:   Review homework. Then BINGO/Charades  with new vocabulary, pages 196-198.  HOmework with vocabulary C/Leer A Conversation at H&M Espana using Querer, Pensar, Costar, Preferir.

Wednesday:   Vocabulary Quiz on Friday. Review vocabulary C/Leer A.  Practice with comparatives using H&M Espana website.  Teach E-IE stem change verbs, page 199-201,  (See conjuguemos.com present tense stem change verbs, and study spanish.com lesson 29 for extra practice.)  Homework finish URB worksheet on "Verbs like "tener" and "Querer" and Leer A (161 or 162)

Thursday: https://create.kahoot.it/details/la-ropa-avancemos-4-1/a3c830d2-6ace-4843-82ed-1e97853ecf45  Review homework. Conversation with H&M website. Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow. Teach "tener" phrases (page 198) Then watch  telehisitoria 1 and 2.   Play spelling game with stem change verbs. Also, see https://conjuguemos.com/verb/homework/135# .

Friday: Quiz .

Week 17: December 17-21, 2018

posted Dec 17, 2018, 7:30 AM by Todd Wanner

Monday: Review for Finals  (See attached study guide to get ready for final exam on Wednesday at 8:00)

Week 16: December 10-14, 2018

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Monday: Second year students to work on possessive adjectives and making comparisons.  See https://personal.colby.edu/~bknelson/SLC/comparisons1.html ,https://beta.conjuguemos.com/grammar/homework/193 ,   https://studyspanish.com/grammar/test/possadj , https://www.spanishdict.com/quizzes/23/possessive-adjectives-in-spanish . Complete URB worsheet on comparisions.  Textbook practice pages 170-171:5,6,8 and 175:12, 13, and 14.  First year student walk around school/practice school vocabulary. Then, teach "estar" and practice pages 116-117:6, 8, and game with # 9. First year homework with 76-77. Second year homework with 125-126.

Tuesday: Review homework and classwork from yesterday. Second year students- ch. 3.2 review pages 183-185:1-4. First year practice with "estar" textbook 118-119:10-11. Then, teach "ir" . Practice with URB worksheet.  HOmework 78 - 79. Watch 2 "Mi Familia" projects.

Wednesday: Chapter 1 review of grammar.

Thursday: Chapter 2 review of grammar

Week 15: December 3-7, 2018

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Finish ch. 3 this week (family)

Monday: BINGO with cooking/food vocabulary to prepare for cooking tomorrow. Then, review new vocabulary chapter 3.2 and pages 122-123. Work on "Mi Familia" keynote. Year 1 to work with vocabulary ch. 2.2 (avancemos 2.2 vocabulary quizlet) and learn "estar".  keynote project on family due Friday.  Homework vocabulary A and b. Secon year to watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hpinRo9UdY . Homework page 124 and get photos.  First year students pages 73-75.

Tuesday: Review 124 with second year students, 73-75 with first year. Teach "estar". Then practice with 116-117:6 and 8. Watch episode 2 and complete exercize 10.  (Make up quiz tomorrow on 2.1 vocabulary, and time/tener.  ) Teach possessive adjectives to second year. (textbook pages 169)  Homework second year workbook pages 125-126.  First year homework 76-77.  Continue working on slide shows.

Wednesday: Cook together and use cooking/food vocabulary/make up quizzes x 2 First year spanish re-do quiz on time/tener/daily schedule.

Thursday: First year student, review 73-75 and Quiz on tener/time. Slide show on Mi Familia due tomorrow. Be sure to make edits today.  Also, see requirements! Practice with "estar" and emotions/locations with first year students. If possible, teach comparatives to 2nd year students.

Friday : quiz on tener/tener que, Teach "estar", Watch slide shows.

Week 14: November 26-30, 2018

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Monday: Credit Leer B and Leer C (pages 114-115) assigned on Thursday with Coach Joe.  Speaking practice with vocabulary posters and "gustar" vs "gustan". Practice with self chosen er/ir verbs and questions.  Homework 106-107.

Tuesday: Quiz on "gustan" and "gusta" tomorrow. Practice with "gustar"/conversation with er/ir verbs and question words.  Then, review  144:3, 149:10, and 154:17 assigned Thursday before break. First year student do textbook page 97-98:11, 12, and 14.  Then practice with daily schedule/tener/tener que. Also, textbook page 95:10. Written Quiz on "tener" tomorrow. Homework 113 (Native Speakers) and 107.

Wednesday: Breakfast menu planning (verbs/menu/cooking utensils) Quiz on "tener" and "gustar" with singular and plural subjects. DuoLingo and Cajas de Carton, chapter 3 with Cornell Note.

Thursday: ER/IR conversations with question words, practice at conjuguemos.com regular present tense (Quiz tomorrow). Then learn new vocabulary, ch. 3.2.  DuoLingo/Cajas de Carton ch. 3.  Non-native, quiz on tener/tener que, practice with "ar" verb conjugations (Quiz tomorrow).  Then, learn vocabulary for chapter 2.2. Homework 122-123, and 1st year pages 12-13.

Friday: Quiz er/ir conjugations, Quiz "ar" verb conjugations. Review new vocabulary and pages 122-123.  Then DuoLingo/Cajas de Carton ch. 4.

Week 13: November 13-16, 2018

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Monday: Veteran's Day

Tuesday: Finish "Extra" and turn in Cornell Note. Review "er/ir" verb conjugations in present tense.  Practice at https://beta.conjuguemos.com/verb/homework/133#dashboard.  See https://www.linguasorb.com/spanish/verbs/regular-verbs/ and select 15 words new to you.  Using questions words (Que, Como, Donde, Adonde, Con Quien, Porque) create questions for conversation.  These will be your new vocabulary words for the next week.  (Share your list with me.) Conversation practice. First year, practice with "ar" verbs/time/tener/ daily schedule.  Also, worksheet with "ar" verbs. Watch episodes 1-3 for vocabulary in context. Speaking quiz on daily schedule on Friday.  Homework URB worksheet on er/ir present tense verbs, and grammar 1A and 1b.  (106)

Wednesday: Review homework, drill at https://beta.conjuguemos.com/verb/133 (Exclude vosotros) Then conversation with er/ir verbs and Questions words using questions created yesterday.   Finish "Extra", episode 4 started on Friday. (Complete Cornell note and turn in.)  Speaking practice with "gustar" page 147:8 and 9. Homework grammar B and C on er/ir verb conjugations.  First year students, practice with present tense "ar" and daily schedule.  Also, conjugation practice at conjuguemos.com.  Review homework.  Homework pages 103-104 (on "gustar")

Thursday: Quiz tomorrow on "gustar:gusta and gustan" Speaking practice with "gustar" textbook page 147:8 and 9.Then, Watch telehistoria completa and answer questions 144:3, 149:10, and 154:17.  Then, conversation with your self chosen verbs and self written questions. Change partners and converse again.  Then, complete Leer B and Leer C for homework. (pages 114-115)

Friday: Quiz, "Extra" episode 3.

Week 12: November 5-12, 2018

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Exam ch. 2 on Tuesday

Monday: Speaking practice with verb "ir". Then, learn new vocabulary on "food" chapter 3.1.  First year student work with "tener" and schedule, then teach "ar" verb conjugations. Homework URB worsheet on new vocabulary, and vocabulary A and B in ch. 3.1.  First year student:1/2  2 pages of grammar and grammar c.

Tuesday: Chapter 2 exam, speaking quiz with "ir". 

Wednesday: Bell Ringer with https://studyspanish.com/grammar/test/gustar .  Credit worksheet/review (Gustar with plural subject). Also, review 99-100 from MOnday. Make posters with 4 items you like,4 which you don't like.  (Must be foods/meals).  Homework pages 101-102.  Teach "ar" conjugations and practice with daily schedule (Times/tener/tener que)  Quiz tomorrow on vocabulary ch. 2.1.

Thursday: REview homework, complete "Me gusta/no me gusta" Foods poster.  Then, Duolingo or Cajas de CArton, chapter 7.  First year quiz on vocabulary, practice with "ar" verbs/time/tener/ daily schedule. 

Friday: Turn in posters, Extra en Espanol, episode 3, First year, quiz on vocabulary, practice with "ar" verbs/time/tener/ daily schedule. 

Week 11: October 29-November 2, 2018

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Monday: Quiz Wednesday on feeling words/and prepositions of place (https://quizlet.com/947181/spanish-prepositions-of-place-flash-cards/  )  used with "estar".  Review of Speaking Practice with "ir" and "ir" + a+ infinitive.  Finish "extra" episode 2 with notes.  Then, textbook pages 121-122:13- 16. Also, exam on ch. 1 for first year student.  Vocabulary ch. 2.1.  Practice pronunciation and # 11-100.

Tuesday: BINGO with feeling words and prepositions of place.  Quiz tomorrow on feeling words/and prepositions of place. Speaking practice with "ir" and "ir" + a+ infinitive. Review exercises 4 and 10 from last week. In pairs, speaking practice # 8,9,11.  First year student: vocabulary work pages 112-113:2-5. Homework 51-52.  If finished early, work on DuoLingo and "El Aguinaldo". 

Wednesday: Quiz on estar/preposition of place/emotions, Conversation with ir + a+ infinitive. Then, begin ch. 2 review.  First year student to review homework with school vocabulary, teach telling time with on-line digital clock.  Then, the verb "tener". Homework grammar 1a and 2a.

Thursday: Quiz on "ir" for 2nd year students tomorrow.  Review ch. 2.1 (106-107:1-4) and 2.2 (page 130-131:1-4) overviews.  If ready, exam tomorrow.  First year, review homework page 52, practice with school vocabulary and tener/clases/time of day.   Homework 3a.

Friday: Quiz on "ir".  Watch episode 3 of "Extra" en Español. 

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