Senior Thesis 2017 Requirements

  1. Preliminary topic (choose an academic topic related to a career interest) Brainstorming Ideas

  2. Notecards (at least 200 notecards)

  3. Detailed topic (Description of the topic with at least 4 major focus areas and some subcategories)

  4. Sources: at least 10 sources

    • a combination of books, periodicals, and other sources (at least 3 books)
    • at least 7 articles
    • at least one interview
  5. UNR Library Trip: All seniors will travel to UNR to gather sources for their papers (attendance on this trip is required for the class) Tuesday, September 12.

  6. Bibliography: MLA format, Works Cited, at least 10 sources listed and cited in the actual paper

  7. Outline (a formal outline showing the main areas of focus and subcategories and subsections)

  8. Paper length: 15 – 20 pages (double spaced, Times Roman 12 pt., 1 inch margins)

    • Three drafts
  9. Graphics and Charts (at least 3 appropriate graphics or charts to supplement your research paper)

  10. Internal Citations (you must cite all specific information and quotations in your paper (generally at least one citation per paragraph)

  11. Quotations (you must include at least 5 illuminating quotations in the paper)

  12. See the Grading Criteria Sheet for full details.

Due Dates

Preliminary Topic:                                                       Monday, August 21st
First 10 notecards                                                         Friday, August 25th
Next 50 notecards:                                                       Friday, September 1st 
UNR Library trip                                                          Tuesday, September 12th
Second 50 notecards:                                                  Tuesday, September 19th
Detailed topic:                                                               Thursday, September 21st  
Third 50 notecards:                                                     Tuesday, September 26th       
Fourth 50 notecards:                                                   Tuesday, October 3rd    
Bibliography:                                                                Wednesday, October 4th   
Outline:                                                                          Friday, October 6th 
First Draft:                                                                     Friday, October 20th                      
Second Draft:                                                                Friday, October 27th 
Final Draft:                                                                    Thursday, November 9th
Multi-media Presentation (first draft)                     Thursday, November 16 Multi-media Presentation D2 (final draft)             Monday, December 4 Presentations                                                               December 11- 13

Drug prevention

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