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Writing Portfolio

1. Look through all of your writings (not regular quizzes or questions) on Google Classroom and in your writing folder. Select 3 to 4 pieces for your portfolio. These pieces should show your best work as a writer and show a variety of writing assignments. Include some revised essays, some single draft pieces, some opinion writing, etc. Don't forget about your speech (you may have forgotten to return it to your folder).

2. Write a cover letter that introduces your portfolio and meets the following requirements: (optional)
  • Write an introduction (i.e. This is a portfolio of some of my best writings from freshman year. I think these pieces of writing show . . . )
  • For each piece of writing in the portfolio, write a paragraph describing: why you selected it, what writing process you used (how you wrote it: time, drafts, help, etc.), what you like about it, what it needs improvement on, etc. Be sure to refer to your writing reflection sheet for good ideas to put in your cover letter.
  • For your conclusion, reflect more generally on your strengths as a writer. What do you think you’ve learned about writing this year and improved on, what your goals are for the rest of this semester. Don’t make this too short.
  • Please ask me or someone else to proofread before you print out your final draft
3. Please make a title page that says:


Writing Portfolio 2017-2018
Your Name


English 9, 10, 11-12 or AP: 
Ms. Taylor
May 2017

4. Make a cover for your portfolio and put all the pieces above into it.

Due: Friday, May 11th