Mr. Richard

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About the Teacher....
 My name is Richard Vega and have been a teacher for over thirty years. I also have a Masters Administrative Degree. I have been a Principal of schools for the State of Texas for ten years. Also, I have taught in Catholics Schools and have been a Principal of Catholics schools.
I have a BA degree in Social Studies and in Spanish.  I have been here in La Vernia now for over ten years.  I have been an instructor for Spanish one, two and three.  I"m most grateful to have the opportunity to stay in La Vernia and be able to teach our students a second language that they may have to know as they continue through their college years.  Most of all, I 'm looking forward to establish a positive teacher/ student relationship and see them be successful in their professions and careers.  

Class Contact Information/Schedule/email/tutoring info., etc.:
Email: richard.vega   
Class Room 417, Building 400
School Phone Number : 830-779-6630

1st: DC Lab
2nd: Spanish 3
3rd: Spanish 3
4th: Conference 
5th: Spanish 1
6th: Spanish 2
7th: Spanish 2
8th: Spanish 3

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