Coach Schier

This World Geography course will provide information relating to specific locations, statistics, geographic themes, map interpretation, cultural appreciation, and much more. The layout of this course will be divided into regional units in order to allow location identification, note taking, definitions, question response, and participation. Remember that as we go through the course we will be polishing our writing, critical thinking, reading, and other skills in preparation for next year when you take the AP Exam.

ABOUT ME: I am a graduate of La Vernia High School and have lived in the community for 32 years. I attended SWT University and have been in education for 10 years. Two years at Stockdale ISD and 8 years at La Vernia ISD. I reside in La Vernia with my wife Brittany and coach Football and Basketball.
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1st: Athletics
2st: Pre-AP World Geography
3rd: Pre-AP World Geography
4th: Pre-Ap World Geography
5th: Conference
6th: Pre-AP World Geography 
7th: Pre-AP World Geography
8th: Athletics

Tutoring info:Tutorials need to be scheduled. Due to my athletics schedule, tutorials will change with whatever sport season I am in. Sometimes they will be before school sometimes they will be after school. Please check with me for tutorial information.

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