NHS Applications are up!  Click on National Honor Society to the left, and you will find the application instructions as well as the application.  The application is a fillable pdf.  Students may hand write the application or type it.  Students who type the application will not be given any advantage in the selection process over those who hand write the application.  Please email me if you have questions. 

Mrs. Matney
United States History, 1877-Present
11th Grade

Economics -1st Semester
Government - 2nd Semester
12th Grade

This is my 4th year teaching at LVHS and my 12th year as an educator.  I have taught Government, Economics, World History, World Geography, and U.S. History.    This year, I will be teaching U.S. History and Economics. (Government the second semester.)  The course syllabus can be found by clicking the Class Information Folder in the left hand margin.  Most course work and information that we will use throughout the year will be on Google Class room. (Information is located in the right-hand margin.)

1st Period - U.S. History
2nd Period - Conference
3rd Period - Economics
4th Period - U.S. History
5th Period - U.S. History
6th Period - Economics
7th Period - U.S. History

Tutoring - Tuesday and Thursday PM 4:00-4:30
Duty  - Monday AM and PM 400/500 buildings

National Honor Society:
Information can be found by clicking on NHS in the left hand margin.  Applications for the 2017-2018 school year will open September 1 and will be due on September 15.  

Students: Please Join us on Google Classroom using the following Classroom Code corresponding to the class in which you are enrolled.  You must have a school email address in order to access the classroom.  Classroom codes will be given in class by Mrs. Matney