Mr. Kimball

public domain NASA photograph
Elmegreen, D. M., & Hubble Heritage Team. (2014, January 19). Spiral Galaxies in Collision [Photograph found in NASA]. In Astronomy Picture of the Day. Retrieved August 17, 2016, from

About the Teacher....

This is my 12th year at La Vernia High School.

Class Contact Information

1st: Computer Science 1
2nd: Computer Programming 2
3rd: Fundamentals of Computer Science
4th: Computer Programming 1
5th: Computer Programming 1
6th: Computer Science 2 & Computer Science 3
7th: Conference
8th: Computer Science 1

Student Extra Curricular Activities
CyberPatriot teams
UIL Computer Science team
UIL Computer Applications team
TCEA Robotics Competition teams


Tutoring Information
high school room 203, times TBD