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My name is Meredith Dietrich, and I have been a La Vernia Bear for the past nine years.  I am from Sugar Land, Texas and graduated from Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State).  My husband and I moved to La Vernia in 2007.
I have three handsome boys - Hayden (8), Weston (5), and Ryker (2).
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Properties of Matter

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Potential vs Kinetic Energy October 11, 2016

Forms of Energy

Forms of Energy Vocabulary
Source of Energy - the place where energy comes from

Energy - the ability to do work

Solar Energy - energy from the sun

Mechanical Energy - the energy of motion

Thermal Energy - heat energy

Light - energy that travels in waves and can move through empty space

Sound - energy that can be heard and is made by vibrating objects

Electrical energy - energy made by electric charges

Chemical energy - energy stored in chemical bonds 

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Rock Detective

What a great Monday!  The students were able to visit and run with Kendra Chambers from the USA Olympic Trial team.
We even got a "DAB" shot

What's a Fossil?

Fossil Fuel 101

Coal and Oil Formation

Alternative Energy 101

Renewable and Non-rewable Resources

The Solar System

Weather vs Climate


Water Cycle

Habitats and Ecosystems

More Ecosystems and Food Webs

Disney/Pixar Ecosystems


Innate and Learned Behaviors

Conductors and Insulators

Living and Non - Living Organisms

Food Webs And Food Chains

Food Webs And Ecosystems

Disturbances in an ecosystem

Carbon Dioxide - Oxygen Cycle


Inherited and Learned Traits

States of matter